Florida Today: Rocket Crafters aiming for weekly launches

Florida Today, part of the USA Today news network, published a video in which Rocket Crafters Board Member Sean Mirsky talks about how RCI plans to use their patented 3D printed hybrid rockets to send small satellites to orbit on a weekly cycle as well as a written article titled “Space startup has patented fuel […]

Making Space Flight Safe and Routine – It’s Possible

Astronaut Sid Gutierrez comments on SpaceX loss September 1st and the future of rocket technology First I want to thank the pioneers at SpaceX for leading the way in space commercialization and express our regrets for their loss last Thursday.  It is a tribute to their professionalism that there were no injuries. As an astronaut […]

WSJ : Tiny Satellites: The Latest Innovation Hedge Funds Are Using to Get a Leg Up

The latest technological innovation for data-hungry hedge funds is a fleet of five dozen shoebox-sized satellites. A company called Planet Labs Inc. has launched a small constellation of what it calls “cubesats” that can deliver much more frequent imagery of economically sensitive spots than traditional satellites. Those spots include retailers’ parking lots, oil-storage tanks, or […]

SpaceFlightInsider.com : 30th Annual Small Satellites Conference featuring Rocket Crafters Inc.

LOGAN, Utah — At the recent 30th Annual Conference on Small Satellites held earlier this month, former astronaut and Rocket Crafters Inc. (RCI) CEO Sid Gutierrez along with RCI Treasurer Paul Larsen had the opportunity to describe the Company’s Intrepid-1 launch vehicle to a very select audience.  During a panel discussion on “The State of Small […]

Aviation Week – Opinion: The Coming Satellite Revolution

Opinion: The Coming Satellite Revolution Opinion: The Coming Satellite Revolution Aviation Week & Space Technology Jono Anderson Fri, 2016-08-12 04:00 When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced he wants to fill the sky with thousands of low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites to improve internet connectivity, many traditional space players remembered when Microsoft’s Bill Gates and others invested in Teledesic, […]

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