RCI Advisory Board member Dr. Mindy Howard tests bio-acoustical tool in parabolic flight

Dr. Mindy Howard has been an Advisor to RCI since early 2013 and is the founder and Director of Inner Space Training, a Netherlands company that develops and delivers training for commercial astronauts, to help them with psychological acclimation to the different flight phases, and optimizing conditions for creating peak performance and a peak experience […]

Florida Today: Rocket Crafters aiming for weekly launches

Florida Today, part of the USA Today news network, published a video in which Rocket Crafters Board Member Sean Mirsky talks about how RCI plans to use their patented 3D printed hybrid rockets to send small satellites to orbit on a weekly cycle as well as a written article titled “Space startup has patented fuel […]

Making Space Flight Safe and Routine – It’s Possible

Astronaut Sid Gutierrez comments on SpaceX loss September 1st and the future of rocket technology First I want to thank the pioneers at SpaceX for leading the way in space commercialization and express our regrets for their loss last Thursday.  It is a tribute to their professionalism that there were no injuries. As an astronaut […]

Rocket Propulsion and Launch Safety

During the last half century, over half of all launch failures have been attributed to rocket propulsion anomalies – most causing the vehicle to explode resulting in a catastrophic loss. Therefore, any discussion about launch safety has to start with an objective conversation about the rocket propulsion systems that power these vehicles and a willingness […]

WSJ : Tiny Satellites: The Latest Innovation Hedge Funds Are Using to Get a Leg Up

The latest technological innovation for data-hungry hedge funds is a fleet of five dozen shoebox-sized satellites. A company called Planet Labs Inc. has launched a small constellation of what it calls “cubesats” that can deliver much more frequent imagery of economically sensitive spots than traditional satellites. Those spots include retailers’ parking lots, oil-storage tanks, or […]

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