Our Company

Rocket Crafters, Inc., based in Cocoa, Florida, is a highly innovative development-stage company that is crafting a new era in space access.

RCI intends to provide launch service customers a safe, affordable, customer responsive means to access space. As a first step toward realizing this mission, RCI is developing Intrepid-1™, the first in a family of low-cost launch vehicles made possible by the Company’s revolutionary rocket technology. Intrepid-1 is being developed to meet the needs and requirements of the fast-growing, quickly evolving small satellite community.

Rocket Crafters is currently engaged in rocket propulsion research & development, launch vehicle design-engineering, supply chain development, marketing & sales, and launch service logistics planning and development.

The RCI Business Plan is about a breakthrough technology that will provide affordable space launch capability in support of an exploding demand to economically, safely, and reliably deliver Small Satellite (“SmallSat”) payloads to the precise orbit specified by each client.

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