Intrepid-1 will be the first in a family of revolutionary new hybrid rocket powered expendable orbital launch vehicles designed specifically to affordably and responsively deliver small spacecraft to customer defined orbits.


376kg to 500km 96° Sun Synchronous Orbit
250kg to 750km 90° Polar Orbit
220kg to 750km 96° Sun Synchronous Orbit

1: 4x 82kN Sparta -82B hybrid engines
2: 4x 3kN Sparta-3V hybrid engines

Airframe and Aeroshell:
D-DAC™ Carbon composite
16.2m Stack height
1.7m diameter
24,200kg GTOW (Gross Take-Off Weight)

Mission Cost:
$9 Million (USD)
$23,936/kg (500km Sun Synchronous Orbit)

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